REMINDER - If you still have merchandise here to pick up, it must be removed by this Saturday, September 14th. Anything left after that date will be sold or disposed of at our discretion.

Beginning Monday, September 16th, through Wednesday, September 18th, our tag sale continues. Included will be any merchandise that is still here as mentioned above, as well as all office furniture, equipment & supplies, and whatever else is left in our building. Anything left after the 18th will be disposed of. There will be no exceptions, as we must have the building cleaned out.

And again, thank you all for the last 46 years!




Beginning Thursday, September 5th through Wednesday, September 18th, we will be open to the public for a liquidation sale. Included will be displays, office furniture and equipment, books, shelving units, artwork, furniture, tools, household items, and more! We'll be open weekdays 9-4 and Saturdays 10-1.